Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cwwinson first law of motion of random universe

This is my conclusion from my research of random or tendency of the world of chance.

I practice and exercise from roulette and speculation in financial market.

And I found that this may be quit interesting discovery related to the tendency of occurrence of matter.

This is how the law is stated

There are only two types of  states of occurrence that governing the world or universe.

1. Trend
2. Symmetry

Movements of a cluster of objects will move to a direction when there is a trend and some kind of force cause this trend to be formed.  Whenever there is a movement, symmetric movement holds its shape or form that make the trend obvious.

In financial market, it is quite obvious that all price movement have trend and seesaw movement.
I found it can also true in random games like roulette.

I believe my discovery give valuable helps for scientist or researcher who are puzzling on their researches when they cannot get any clues why their discovery have strange behaviors

by cwwinson 2011may5

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