Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are you waiting for higher damaging level from Japan nuclear disaster?

It is weeks now and scientist and Japanese government continue to keep comforting the world about the safety of the current nuclear disaster. From day one, they told the public the level of the nuclear issue is not so serious. And we are told by all experts and scientist that the nuclear power is safe.  But day by day, we keep recieving bad news and the radiation level extent from land to sea.  And detected figures from all government currently read a safe readings from radiation detector.  And we are told it is safe and won't affecting our health "currently" and don't panic! But the nuclear disaster keep worsen without stop!

How can anyone guarantee it is safe without stopping the radiation? Scientist and experts are all academic and theoretically giving comforting opinion. And Japanese government are delaying and telling lies to cover up truth.

What to do if after somedays, a hazardous reading is detected and that is killing us?

I don't think our ocean can dilute the radiation forever.

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