Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What should japan FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant disaster do next?

Scientist may lost their head in FUKUSHIMA's disaster, I am here provide my idea that can temporarily block radiation for later rescue.

Now almost all plants exploded and radiation start to go wild and everybody are just waiting of its meltdown.

To save time, a lead wall should be built and engulf the trouble plants. If we don't do this, radiation will threaten the area in a longer term.  By making lead wall and send it to the plant , the radiation can be isolated and block the radiation direction.

Though it didn't save the radiation, it may avoid free radiation emitted.

Actually, we should assume the worst scenario. We need to prepare a cover to block it or prevent further earthquake that may further damage the plant.

If Japanese government officials can delegate authorities to scientist the decision and mission to those who are experts , I think the problem can be solved. They just delay and see the situation turn worst.

Asia's bureaucracy always leads stupid decision.

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