Monday, March 28, 2011

Ultraman save Japan!

Will Japanese dream come true?

Well, radiation may trigger mutation. Will Godzzila oneday appear intruding Japan from the sea after radiation mutated a sealion?

And more strange beast will evolved if the plant cannot stop it's radiation.

To beat the strange beast, Japanese nuclear plant worker who contaminated by strong radiation mutate too! Ultraman! They finally got it!

Who will be this guy?

.... I think possibly this man

Because he can continuously doing his job without sleeping..

Only ultraman can do this!

But it can be another story ..... by westerners.

Mutation turn normal man kind into mutated zombie.
May be Japanese will be the first generation zombie and infecting the world.

Those countries who own and operate a nuclear plant may also come next.

Running away from scary zombie and armed to protect non infected human is the only way to survive. Unluckily, there is no way out as the whole world will become contaminated by nuclear radiation. Human extinct or finally all become zombie .

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