Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stupid Japanese Lie and cause disaster even worse.

Why there is no solution to prevent the explosion and nuclear leak?
The system of japanese crisis team. What are their main concern? It is courage!
Asian countries has culture that everyone is afraid of responsible for some mistake or case that will be blame from their superiors. This let them give up ideas that  may have a chance to solve the problem.

What I heard from the news that water cannot pour into the building where nuclear reactor located. And they just wait for its explosion one by one. If explosion is a allowed scenario, why no one dare to punch a hole with heavy metal ball that dismantle old building? They can lay it down from helicopters. Delay not only cannot solve the problem but make it worse.

Explosion threatens the integrity of the reactor. It can leak seriously.

Courage is what Asian system cause the incapable of solving solution in high risk scenario. Listen to stupid political leader who think differently can be deadly damage the safety of whole world.

Without authority, creativity cannot play a role in solving solution. I am pessimistic to the situation and I bet the world will suffer serious consequences . Prepare your escape today. It can be the end of world.

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