Monday, March 14, 2011

Meaning of life from chinese science theory "the 5 element"

Ancient Chinese science " the 5 element" describes the relationship of 5 element the compose of our world.  It states that our world is composed of 5 elements: fire, earth, wood, water and metal. In real world it is true.

Wood means "living things"
From my analysis of 5 elements that compose the world in this article, the wood is out most layer of 5 elements. It includes animals. That means animals is a part of the" Wood".

The dynamics of plants
The growth of plants on land rely on evaporation of water. Sunlight give heat to the wood (plants) in the day time. This drys water in the wood and nutrients from the soil will later suck up from the stems of the wood as a water rich solution.
Nutrients build the stems and leaves that make foods for keeping trees alive.
This dynamics is the key growing power of plants. So in winter, the dry soil and cold weather can not let plants draw nutrients from soil and plants will hibernate in cold weather.

For animals in sea water, the dynamics may be different. The excretion of water! Plants in sea water can regulate salt level from its body. Though I have no research report, Salt solution always draw water from plants. I believe all plants in water has ability to draw nutrients from sea water.

Animals are the manager and promoter of plants.
Animals is a part of the wood and animals has its mission or work to maintain and spread the plants to every corner of the earth. Not difficult to see animals spread the life by taking plant's seed far away and fertilize it by  animals' excreta and left overs. You can see this is the real meaning of life about animals

Animal size determines the role in food chain: 
Bigger animals bring life farther. By chasing lower level animals in the food chain can spread the lives wider. Bigger animals usually travel farther than smaller animals so they need to eat smaller animals to get energy. Running away from threats by bigger animals, smaller animals need to escape fast and hide somewhere bigger animal get difficulties to chase. This act brings plants even more detail in the territories.

Metal is the killer for the woods. 
In the principle of 5 elements, Metal is the killer for the woods.  It can be demonstrated by Axe that  cut trees or woods. In modern terms, the bullets shoot from a gun is copper and it is metal!
Even missile that contain explosives is made of metal. So lives can be always threaten by metal that is made as a weapon.
Guest what? In the nature,disaster causing most death of lives also related to metal.
The recent disasters in japan, the earth quake, is a metal related incidence. The volcanoes !
it is metal from metal layer that penetrating the rock or the earth layer!!

Mankind that go wild in the nature.
To see what mankind violate the law of nature, we can ask few question about animal's mission in our world.
Did we spread the territories of  plants?
Mankind spread themselves instead. We extend our own territories.
Did we manage well our master "the plants"?
Mankind cut most of the trees for paper, fuels, furniture and houses. Kill other animals that spread and help plants grow. We dominate the animal kingdom and violate the rule of nature by inventing weapons that win other animals

Even today we , mankind , don't realize what animals suppose to do in our world.

by cwwinson

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