Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The discovery of Universe with ancient chinese 5 element analysis

The discovery of Universe with ancient chinese 5 element analysis.

With ancient chinese 5 element analysis, it is not difficult to explain the formation of universe.

It is interesting that 5 element analysis simply tell the fact without costly experiment and exploration like NASA did in the past.

Very simply put, our earth can be seperated as 5 elements . Considering a melting earth where everything is heating up and liquify into mixtures of elements, what we can get is 5 layers of elements, woods, water, rocks, metal and fire. Just like boiling a mixture of solution, you need fire underneath.

Observing the mixture when it cools down, heavier matters sinks and lighter matter float above, and this natural phenomena will just seperate what ancient chinese discovered rules of the universem the 5 element analysis. Woods that float above water and water above rocks, rocks above metal. but finally at last it is fire that melt down everything.

What important to us is that , it explain almost everything from what we knew and currently know about what we see in our universe.

Let's explain our SUN. what we see our sun is a boiling ball . Under this condition, heavier matter sinks to the center and lighter matter float above, we can see sprays of lighter materials out. The gravitational pull proofs there is center of very heavier cluster of materials.

Let's explain the black hole.

Black hole , a mystery in the universe is also a boiling sphere where it is clustered with heavy metals inside and no lights can be escaped because of its thickness. Since the dense inner center is dense that lights can be bent or even attracted into it when it pass by.

From this theory, the center of black hole is fire that turns particles into lights. Condense light in the core of black hole is the only form that energy can be existed. Some black hole emitted gamma rays out proofs this saying.  If no rays ever emitted, I bet it is the reason why black hole eventually explode. When the density of energy in inner core is so big that heavier metals that sink to the center can no longer hold its form, the energy in the center break the barrier and push  everything out.


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