Monday, December 6, 2010

Never make blood transfusion in china even you are hurt!

In this video, farmers are selling their blood for a living and over 60% were infected with HIV because of this. Image that you need a blood transfusion in china, what would it be? Working in china really risking your own life.Ask your embassy to prepare back up of your blood in case blood transfusion is needed. Otherwise who can guaranteed the safety of the blood?
Why china do nothing about it ? It is covered up by their government to protect the business of selling blood. It is disgusting! If there is no interference of foreign countries , it will continue to pollute hospital and patient's safety. Never use blood from blood Reservatory in china! And I believe somehow people in china will cut in half just because of they keep running the blood trading industry. Probably if they export the blood to other countries, the population of the whole world may also drops because of this. No one complaint from inside while government suppress and no pressure from outside world while they know nothing about it!



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