Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Do Roosters Crow?

Why Do Roosters Crow?

This is unsolved question and here you will get a scientific answer.

Answer provided by cwwinson

One day I was waken up by noise of birds outside my window.

I started question why?
I remembered a worm breeding job for my fishes in fish tank.
The worm freshly grows in the morning. It is the time bird need worms.
Yes, birds are the first earliest animal to wake up in the morning because of their sharp eyesight.

We determine how good a camera can be is from the candle light numbers that a camera can capture images. And bird's eye is so good that they can see the dim light of sunrise earlier than any animals in the world.

Therefore, birds are the only animal that wake up earliest.

At the time they wake up, the worms are just made!
The noise of birds in the morning is a morning call for their species and communicating where they found the worms!

So why rooster crow in the morning? Because rooster ,don't forget, they are birds! They share the same traits with other birds.

And this is the true reason for why rooster crow in the morning.

by cwwinson

公雞早啼-我的發現可能改觀科學家的解答 - 思優新念 - 思優新念 - Yahoo! BLOG

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