Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My cheap and easy solution to BP oil Spill

This solution sent months ago and I don't expect they will use it.
However, this is quite interesting idea and worth to mention here.

I suggest to use hot air balloon to collect and erect the wreck oil pipe and it is ease and cheap with my idea.

Hot air balloon is comparatively cheap to solve this problem while many of us willing to donate or sell it cheap to solve this problem.

There may have some objection against this idea because of its simplicity and seems idiot or naive. However, this is the best solution to quickly ease the disaster.

Without trying we never know it is so easy and if we still waiting for someone who guarantee a perfect solution, nothing can be more devastating  then wait for worse pollution news.

Explanation of this idea:
Engineers can bring a packed hot air  balloon under where oil spill and broke.
Tie the end of  pipe up with thread and let hot air balloon expand with floating oil directly collect inside of it. The oil will then float and rise and erect the pipeline to a vertical position.

With a vertical pipe ,most spilled oil collected inside hot air balloon the oil can be reused or transport to vehicle that collect oils. The problem solved! No more oil spilled and valuable oil was recollected.

The wave! Some may say a floating balloon in sea water is uncontrollable and is not fixed. there may have problem in operation. This solution provide a temporary erect position for further remedy and not the final solution. To resume its operation, BP need to build another well equip and intact oil floating drilling platform. How they do it before is how they should do now include fixing it.

This conclude my solution.

An interesting question for those who may want to collect the spilled oil for resell.
What is the property right of the spilled oil ? is it still belong to BP?
Can anyone answer me this question?

If not, can I collect those spilled oil and resell it myself?

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