Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beating the roulette My best record

While Einstein gave up his mind in probability talks,I started formulating a crazy idea to beat the roulette since last year  (09 ) 

The above record is what I have done and would like to know whoever out there has done better than me.

But i had to admit that I cannot do it again while I think they upgrade their software now.

One day I went to macau and try my strategy there. And I was defeated but I found that their roulette machine not really honest and can be controlled with some kind of mechanism.

In chinese word, "9 out ten gambling is dishonest!"

For sure I can beat the roulette only if it is a real random with no cheating.

But I don't recommend anyone to bet with real money to challenge my record. You can play the igoogle gadget up there without cost but don't try it at casino.

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