Saturday, March 21, 2009

Global Warming solution-by cwwinson

Today I just came up with a direction to find the global warming solutions that puzzling all intellectuals. Scientist warn people all the time about the end of earth and there is still no solutions.

We all count on scientist to solve the problems and but they urge politicians to stop people consuming and abuse the resources of the earth which stop economic growth. Well, slowing economy indicates we may suffer too and some may die in poverty. Politicians are reluctant to listen. Without cooperation of human community, scientist have no idea what to do.

I may say we overlook the problem. Scientist believe man kind alone can solve this global problem with animal's power. Some may say we have intelligent scientist and unbelievable technology. Tackling this problem can be a possible mission. I doubt.

Though we are in a era of fast developing technology, scientist need directions. researchers and scientist are spending their life time to understand nature but not creating nature or at least not now. Most solutions are bringing forward not by scientist but people from common knowledges such as novel authors. What we enjoying ourself in fast developing technology are mostly from sci-fi novels written decades ago. Discovery can be useful only when someone bring up new ideas. Scientist can solve the problem with their knowledges when someone tell them a feasible solutions. Those who get the idea may not have enough knowledges to work it out.

So what is the direction that scientist need to know and seek the feasible solutions to our global warming threat? Have any scientist think about what I am going to tell you? I am sure scientist have some research on this topic but no one seems have interests to believe this will be the solution or where solution can be found.

We learn many knowledges that scientist knew and became a facts in our textbooks. We still have new discovery every day! No one can say we know enough and keep other people mouth shut!. So be humble.

The proposal where global warming can be solved.
We knew that our earth developed from a fire-hot to ice age. This cycle itself regulates our earth with cycle. Do we really know how our earth do this job?

Everyday human activities exert heat to the atmosphere, mostly from weapon and space shuttle, burning fuels etc. Comparing volcanic activities and heat from nature, did we really done something seriously? If our earth can cool down natural heat which no human activities can compare with, why we need to bother thinking about it?

Research on how earth cool itself is the solution!

I believe there is a natural activities that cools our earth naturally will overcome the problem. Don't forget the earth was cooled down from a red hot planet.

To be more specific, find out the massive natural chemcial reaction on earth that generate h2o and absorb heat and co2. There much be some we ignored or never considered. Of course with your knowledges, you may be inspired and think of other ideas. This is the starting point where we should think about.

Once we understand more about how the cooling mechanism work, we can manipulate some natural activities or at least enhance the activities. The global warming problem can only be solved with a natural activity not human activity!

Some may say the timeline of the earth last for decades, we have limited age and lives. Then can we and our childrens live with the worsen global warming problem ? If we developed the technology that trigger natural activites, then this is the solution.

I think its time to research and know more about our earth's natural behaviour or regulating system.


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