Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arrogant American is totally defeated by lack of sense of security

The world changed since 911. Arrogant American is totally defeated by lack of sense of security
5 years later, US economy busted and the bad luck spreads.
The war in Iraq seems totally an act of show but play no results at all and Taliban is still there.
What can we say is our civilization will just like the historic Buddha statue blown up by Taliban ten years ago. They seems can destroy many things.
From my point of view, the economic  crisis today can be related to terrorist attack.
If they can do it in 911 so geniusly, why not this time?
In 911, AIG was half killed for claims of World trade tower insurance. 87 billion !
Today's economy is somehow break down by the future operation in crude oil market.
Closing Crude Oil Futures Price 
If what I guessed is right, the crude oil price fluctuation is operated by group of people who may be leaded by a very smart person.
And with the help of Arab oil suppliers who help manipulate the market with profits.
Yes, speculators bring up the price of oil ! But what is the result?
Military of some countries expand their reserves by holding more and eventually the price going higher and higher.
The impact was clear and our economy suffered. That made the subprime lending crisis happened.
The worst things is some people with the help of Oil supplier who want their profit lock up can sell oil futures at ease without much money.
Futures let investors buy or sell without fully pay the cost. And the price dropping recently can be profitable and damaging to those oil holders.  They are reserves and cannot sell out their inventory so quick. They suffered losses.
If the profits goes to terrorist related group, then what I can say is US was defeated and our world of civilization is nearly killed by uncivilized culture.
It is always a rule that wild animals kills much better without mercy than tamed animals raised at home.
We need to think what is going wrong in our system and how to protect our civilization in the coming era .

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