Monday, August 11, 2008

Wet-firework-Firework without gun powder

This is a invention of firework.

No gun powder is used and totally electronics.

The future products will be used as an firework display setup on top of a building or Parks.

The Target users or customers will be Casinos, Parks, and Hotels.

It can be used in celebration, art performance. since no fire will be caused, it is safe to display.

and the best of all, it can be recollected and reuse after display. It is more environmentally clean and safe.

Looking for a company who can support with funding and marketing network. Cooperation opportunities is opened to firework display company interested in this project. Send me your company profile and let's see if we can work on this project together.

This can be multibillion business as you know 10 mins of firework dsiplay can cause million dollars.

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