Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Trading system in local london gold

My trading system in practice and proof it works even in big wave of speculation period .

My research and it proofs profitable and reliable.

The whole project is still running and real profit had been taken for 5 times and each time 10-20% of Asset value was taken out for pleasure and entertainment.

During this period , the system sufferred a period of non profit days because of the market volatility reduced two months ago. The system performed well in volatile market.

This is a gold trading system for leverage spot gold (local london gold) contract.

Unit Asse Value including profit withdrawn.

Actual return on initial investment reach over 600%

Return on equity of average investor.

The relative equity level after profit withdrawan compared to initial investment.

<<<---- recent , initial investment is 100% and profit was taken out several times.

Don't ask me how and what is in my system, the system still not able to run automatically and the system is still not mature and subject to further research. No software is selling here. Though somebody may think it is not high enough. However the result is true and quite good for me.

Looking for opportunity to manage a leverage gold fund with it. Cooperation still open to any party with a investment fund dealing with local london gold if you think the return fits your appetite.

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