Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Innovative Window display design for jewelry shop

Today I come up with an innovative design for jewelry shop who display necklace and hoping more attention from pedestrians passing by his/her shop.
Designers, company who regularily setting window display for high end jewelry shop are eligible to adopt my design for their clients.
The design will not be disclosed until agreements and conditions are fulfilled.
However, the result of this window display makes most pedestrian stop by and gather in front of this window display to see, discuss and widespread the word for this interesting design and the effect that people experience.
And it is of course the purpose that make more people want to buy and see more goods by getting in the shop.
If setting up window display for high end jewelry shop is your business and sure want to sell this design to your client and you are willing to put me a better living by letting me work with you as a project director and with a share of profits or good cash reward, then you can have this project done by your company.

I believe in the future, this design can be used like a fashion in jewelry shops. Who knows?

If you think you can sell a better price to high end jewelry brand with the points I stated above, I am sure you want me to stay working with you on this.

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