Saturday, August 2, 2008

The formation of a galaxy or even the universe

One day I passed by a brooth that sells magnetic balls. I suddenly noticed two magnetic ball come to meet each other spinning. and these two ball were catched in the hand of a sales girl's hand. She catched these two magnetic ball and hold naturally to make it still.
I don't think anybody will be so attended to this naturally happened things.
and what I noticed hit my mind with curious thinking.
If two object with attraction meet, they are not colliding on each other all the time. What I saw is exactly the case when two object with attraction passing by. I do and video the experiment and ask what happen when two magnetic object meet not colliding each other?
I don't think anybody will take it serious, but I think this simple discover explain the mystery of how our earth, galaxy and universe formed.
I think my discovery also explain why our earth have a non-uniform gravitational distribution. My explanation is our earth is formed by merging several objects that spin and become one. The denser region indicate a small planet's center.
The formation of mountain: I think no explanation explain better than it is the process of earth quake that form the mountain. When two object merge into one with attraction, they crush by tightening the distance and this is what scientist noticed about the crustal movement.
Discussion and complement welcome ! and point me out my mistake if i am wrong.

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