Monday, August 4, 2008

A Design against pick pocket for trouser

Purse missed?

Pick pockets are everywhere. Why they can make a living ? because there is a common mistake that allow pick pockets easily take our purse away without notice.

I think the reason that we are easily be stolen is the sin of a fashion designer. They never think about it for you. And I believe the trend that my invention may leads to reduce number of pick pockets. Why? If half number of us wearing this kind of trousers or use my designed pockets, then these pick pockets cannot figure out if the target they peek on had this kind of pockets.
So they will not try to redoing the mistake again.

This is my design for trouser against pick pocket and prevent purse and other stuff slipping out when we need to bend our knees in cars, bus or boat.
My design allow you notice and alert if a pick pocket try to take away your purse. And he will get nothing even his hand going in the pocket.
The design of it is simple, The cost of making it is neligible so manufacturers can still earn profit without higher cost.
In order to help your produce with my design, I will help you work it out on site.
If you would like to own the patent, I will help you too with an agreement signed.
But no guarantee you will get patent for this, I haven't made a patent search yet. But confidence there is no one had a design like this.

Leave comment and contact so we can discuss cooperation.

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